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Motorcycle Adventures Colombia: Part 4

La Guajira

Santa Marta to Guajira.

I spent two days in Santa Marta walking around and got my bike serviced. Then it was off to Tayrona National Park. Hilly landscape covered in jungle, with beaches running a long the coast. To me though it was all just a bit to organised and crowded. I did find a couple of empty beaches though and a cave. Stayed two nights, then it was off to Riohacha and La Guajira.

Santa Marta

Starting out from Riohacha I head towards the desert and set out for Cuatro Vías - four roads an intersection in the middle of nowhere where I would turn north.

I’d heard a lot of different things about La Guajira. Dangerous, no gasoline, armed robbery, natives blocking roads ask for money. Also since it had rained a lot there was blocked out parts of the desert due to water and wet sand.

In Uribia the last town on the developed road I was met by a crowd of people stopping me down asking me where I was going. Offering me services from A to Z.

I ended up taking this little kid as a guide on my back. They weren’t gonna let me go unless I took something. I was kind of relieved though, now didn’t have to worry about getting lost.

I did the tour around Cabo de la Vela and met another guide on the way. I agreed let him take me out to Punta Gallina the next day, crossing 5 deserts, to South America’s most northern point.

I rose at 5am and we left by 6. Starting before it got too hot. We switched riding after the sun started cooking, I only wore a T-shirt and I did not want to be tomato. I rode passenger and covered my self in a blanket. We made it to a restaurant out in the middle of nowhere with an ocean view. The food was really good. Some of the best chicken I ever had.

This has been extraordinary. Just to be in that extreme landscape with nothing around. And to reach the most northern point of South America was special.

I was back to Riohacha after my two nights in the desert. My body aching after a few crashes coming back from Punta Gallina. One scratched my arm up, the other broke the mirror. It was a good riding experience though and I got to test my abilities in the dirt and sand.


Now I’ve been two days in Barranquilla, staying at a friends apartment. Haven’t done much here, just enjoying some downtime.

Tomorrow I’m off to Cartagena, only 100km away and I look forward to exploring the old town.

That’s it for now.


Leif Enrique

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