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Motorcycle adventures Colombia: Part 2

(First published 31/05/19)

I couldn't get all the way to Bogotá from El Águila in one day, I knew. I didn't know where I was going to sleep. I found a small hotel along the road. I had gone up and down the central mountain range in Colombia, and I was now just outside Bogotá.

I arrived in Bogotá around midday the next day. There I spent 3 days enjoying the capital, visiting some friends, going to museums and hiking up to Monserrate, for the view of Bogotá.

Next, I set out heading north towards the coast. I had my sight on Villa de Leyva, which is an old historical site dating back to the colonial times.

I found really nice lodge, where I could put up my tent. It seemed I was the only guest there. The owner was really nice. When it started to rain, he told me that I could have one of the cabins free of charge, so that I didn't have to sleep in the tent. Tents and rain is no fun. I was really surprised by the hospitality.

Leaving Villa de Leyva, I set out for Bucaramanga. The road was spectacular from beginning to end. Started on dirt road, then onto tarmac. Curvy roads the whole way. The end was the most spectacular, coming down the Chicamocha canyon after a heavy shower of rain and slippery roads. And what a reward. I couldn’t believe it. The patterns of the mountains, in the evening light. Never seen such mountains. Together with this view I had the most entertaining road, curves and little traffic.

It was getting dark and I hadn’t planned where to stay. Getting closer to the city, I stopped by the road and started searching for hostels in the area. I found one, Refugio La Roca, on the ridge of the canyon and not too pricey. It was 1 hour back the way I came but I didn’t mind going back to the canyon. I didn't feel ready to leave the gorgeous valley just yet.

I was forced to ride in he dark. Kind of fun, kind of scary.

The next day I found out that the place was a popular rock climbing spot and all of the guest where climbers. That made me really want to climb so I decided to stay another day. The people and the ambiance of the place were also really tranquil. Quite happy I found this place by chance. Well worth the stay, and would definitely come back.

Now it’s off to the coast and Santa Marta


Leif Enrique

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