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Entering Ecuador

I have now been in Ecuador for a little over a month. Had to leave Colombia as my visa was coming to an end after 6 months. I’ve enjoyed my time in Ecuador, but also been frustrated because I’ve been sick a lot. Already on my second day in Quito I got an infection in my tonsils. My whole throat swelled up. I could barely eat or drink for a week. In the end I was hospitalised for two nights as the infection got worse. I stayed another week in Quito, to recover and to go touristing, since I hadn’t done any.

From Quito I continued south to Lake Quilotoa, a lake inside a crater of a volcano. I met a lot of travellers that had done a multiday trip through the mountains ending up at the lake. I kind of wished I had done the same, but I was still feeling a bit weak from my illness and was dealing with a bad stomach. The following day I woke up early to hike around the crater, which took me just under 4h. Then it was on to Baños.

On the way I met a dutch couple who were waiting for the same bus as me. A lot of busses passed but none that was going to Baños. We had waited for about an hour and were getting impatient. A taxi driver that had been standing there a while too, spied his opportunity, and came up to us with a grin. He offered to drive us, “come, I’ll take you, $30, you’ll get there fast and comfortable.” We looked at each other considering the option. Didn’t take long for us to get in the car. The ride took about an hour and half.

For the first three weeks I was in the Andes mountain range, Quito, Quilotoa, Baños, Cuenca, in an altitude of 2500m or more. It was warm during the day but got cold during the night. I could also feel the altitude walking around in the towns and hiking. I was starting to miss the heat and warm weather.

From Cuenca I went to Salinas (just because of the name, obviously) and Ecuadors most eastern point. Can’t say I was very impressed by the town but it felt good to be back on the beach, on sea level and out of the cold. Then I went for a few days to Guayaquil, where I had a flight to the Galápagos Islands.

I’ve now been here on the island of San Cristobal for almost a week. Settled into my hotel, where I work in exchange for a room, as the Galápagos is quite expensive. I will be here until the 30th of August. The plan is to work here until around the 16th, then I will get some days off to see the other islands. That’s all for now.


Leif Enrique

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