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Behind The Print

Updated: Jul 7, 2022

This image is from Mt. Kenya, at 4300m above sea level. Where vegetation meets its limit.

Image: © 2022 Leif Enrique Salinas - Mt. Kenya - 2018 // Mock up example of print - Designed by / Freepik

I believe the most stunning photos are the ones that has had a challenge behind it, an effort.

When the creator suffers a bit, the results come out. Either by pushing oneself or by being pushed by an exterior force, like nature.

On our 4 day hike to Peak Lenana (4985m), we had mostly gray weather and rain. Clouds would cover the whole view, but suddenly a pocket would open up, and some sunlight would shine, giving the dull grey a pinch of God dust.

The scenes changed rapidly.

Images: © 2022 Leif Enrique Salinas - On Mt. Kenya 2018

We started at 3am, it was pitch black

Only the light of the headlamp to guide us.

The mountain got steeper and steeper

I would say we were lucky to be in clouds at that time, because I didn't really want to know what was below us.

The day before we had met a tourist coming down, shaking his head telling us he had turned back because it was too snowy and scary.

Granted he was by himself, without a guide, so probably a good decision.

We were the first people to summit that morning and had no trails to follow. Thanks to our guides, we found our way safely to the top.

Images: © 2022 Leif Enrique Salinas - On Mt. Kenya 2018

  1. Day 1: The hike starts on the North Eastern side, from Mt. Kenya Lodge (2900m) Route Chogoria

  2. Nithi River falls coming down from Lake Michaelson.

  3. Lake Michaelson (4000m).

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