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Leif S_Foto Alf Simensen_LowResMG_7840_edited.jpg
Foto: Alf Simensen

Oslo, Norway based 

+ Colombia & Kenya

Fotograf Leif Salinas 927686236

My name is Leif Enrique Haukeland Salinas. I'm a Colombo-norwegian filmmaker and photographer.

It would be hard to describe my style.

In everyday life I love the candid, in-between moments,

Searching for irony, humor, or something just simply beautiful.

I'd like to make whatever I shoot attractive,

whether by help of light, shadows, shapes or lines.

When I get to combine adventure and photography,

is maybe when I'm most alive.

Worked with a camera for 8 years, and been a part of various ranging projects from fiction to commercial and documentary. 

Film & TV at Høyskolen Kristiania Oslo '15 / 16

Griffith University QCA Bachelor of Arts in photography '17


"Filomena" (work in progress) 2022

feature film / Director of Photography

A tragedy set in the 1920s, a Colombian woman must leave everything behind for a shot at life in Europe.

"Tras la dama del Norte" 2021

Short Documentary / Director of Photography

Enjoy a short documentary of what is the northern lights and culture in Northern Norway.

"Wildfire Flowers" 2020

Stop Motion Film Short / Director

Follow the rose petals journey.

"Skippergata" 2018

Short Documentary / Director of Photography

A group of friends builds a café and creative space in the hub of Oslo. Follow the process over 3 years.

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